Principal Harbhajan Singh, the founder Principal of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Mahilpur was a great visionary, educationists, philanthropist and thinker, who contributed whole of his life and lifelong earnings to the college for taking the institution to an eminent position. Before independence he dreamt of co-educational prestigious institution. Under his guidance the college tasted the fruit of success and prominent position in Punjab especially in football, and became famous as ‘FOOTBALL NURSERY OF ASIA‘.
His unparallel legacy and magnanimous effort unlocked the doors of great opportunities for his students in the field of army, bureaucracy, sports and various other departments of India and much more. His unsurpassed and tremendous efforts still directing the modern youth of the area towards the path of truth, hard work and consistent effort.

Sant Baba Hari Singh Memorial Khalsa College of Education Mahilpur is also a branch of the tree which he planted 68 years ago and trying its best to follow the foot steps of this legendry personality.