There are three hostels attached to the college, one exclusively for the boys. On account of increasing demand, two new Girl Hostels has been constructed at a cost of about Rs. One Crore with ultra modern facilities and 24 hours electricity supply.


1. The schedule of payment of hostel charges will be same as in the case of tuition fee. In case a student does not pay the hostel charges by the due date, it shall be the responsibility of the Warden to ensure that such student does not continue to stay/reside in the hostel.
2. Once a student is admitted to the hostel he/she cannot stop paying the hostel rent on the plea that he/she has stopped residing in the hostel. In order to vacate the hostel accommodation, the student is required to obtain the prior permission of the Provost/Warden and send a prior intimation to the college office positively.
3. If the name of the student is struck off due to non payment of hostel dues from the list of hostlers he/she can be allowed re-admission with the approval of the Principal.
4. Students of low income group/out standing players/brilliant students can be given free accommodation by the Principal.


1. At the time of claim for refund of security the student must return the Identity-cum Library card and in case he/she fails to do so, he/she shall be charged Rs. 100-00 for its loss.
2. If the security is not withdrawn by the student within the next academic year, it shall be treated as lapsed automatically.
3. Security is non refundable if a student leaves the college during the academic session. The students are advised to get the refund of their college security within three months after leaving the college.