A valuable and informative trip was organized by Department of Chemistry and Physics for undergraduate classes to Kuantum Papers Ltd., Saila Khurd, near Garhshankar, Distt. Hoshiarpur on November 8, 2019 and November 9, 2019 respectively. Kuantum Papers is in the production and marketing of wood free writing and printing paper, thereby giving a right replacement of wood based paper, while conserving precious resources and protecting the environment. The Company aims to utilize wild Agro vegetation like Sarkanda Grass,  Kahi Grass and Agro-residues such as Wheat straw and Bagasse to make a writing and printing paper. Due to utilization of these residues safely, the degradation of environment has been reduced substantially which is the dire need of the hour.

The plant was well equipped with latest machinery and technology. An experienced engineer of the firm gave complete information to the students in detail about the various steps of preparation of paper from raw material, to bleaching, adding colours as per requirement and shaping of the papers in different sizes as per requirement. The raw material like straw and pulp of Eucalyptus and popular trees are boiled in big containers to soften them like in pressure cooker. Then the residue is bleached and then chemicals are added as per requirement to give different colours to the paper. Both the digital controls and manual testing is done to maintain the quality of the product. The wet paper is then dried and converted to big rolls and sheets of different sizes using cutters and the product is counted manually. The ready for packing and is loaded for supply.

It was astonishing to see different kinds of papers manufactured at one place. The staff of the firm was well disciplined and under full security. The students achieved the benefit in not only gaining the new techniques in industry but also they got exposure about the job opportunities they can avail in industries after graduation and post-graduation. The students thoroughly saw the industry and enjoyed snacks and a cup of tea at the end of the visit in the paper plant canteen.

Such types of visits inculcate scientific temper among students and also give ideas to save nature and surroundings while advancing in Science and Technology.