Department Of Physics
Education is the most important building block for any young person who seeks to have an intellectually stimulating and creatively fulfilling life. It is a magic that has potential to transform ordinary into extraordinary, base into exemplary and futile into pragmatic. The Department of Physics believes in imparting the education that is comprehensive and that prepares the youth to take up the challenges of life boldly.

This premier department came into being in 1946 at the undergraduate level right from the beginning of the college. This department became a sound and remarkable platform for the rural students, especially, who became eminent scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers and administrators etc. at national and international levels around the globe. The Post-graduation was started in the year 2006. The department has achieved various top positions at University level. It    strives to provide all the facilities and create an environment for our students, by being equipped with the multifarious modern aids and technology so as to give wings to their dreams and help them grow professionally as well as personally. We take immense pride in the fact that we have set highest goals and standards to meet the ever-growing aspirations of our bright, young and energetic students eager to excel in their chosen fields of specialization. Students who step into our department are given a sense of belonging and are nurtured with utmost care to shape their intuitive minds so that they go out as confident young citizens capable of taking any challenge in their future lives in whatsoever sphere they embark upon.

Looking at the current dynamics of educational scenario and the radical changes it is undergoing, students can no longer keep themselves confined to age old conventional methods and are pressed to learn new skills and methods so as to enhance their academic credentials. It is imperative that they master the required skills of their chosen fields as they will be gauged not only by their grades but by the practical application of their knowledge in future. Aware of these requirements, we are committed to hone the talent of our students by providing them quality education by using the right mix of technology with the traditional and modern learning techniques.