Guest Lecture on ‘New Teaching Techniques & Strategies’

Guest Lecture on ‘New Teaching Techniques & Strategies’ by Prof. R.S. Salaria organized by the Post Graduate Department of English

The Post Graduate Department of English organized a guest lecture on ‘New Teaching Techniques & Strategies’ on July 21, 2017 in the Convention Hall. The lecture was delivered by Prof. R.S. Salaria, an eminent motivational speaker and former Head, Department of Computer Science & Technology, Thapar University, Patiala. The audience consisted of the teachers of all departments. Principal Dr. Parvinder Singh welcomed the speaker. Prof. Pawandip Cheema, Vice-Principal and Head, Post Graduate Department of English, introduced him to the audience. Prof. Salaria focused on effective teaching as an important factor in holistic teaching and shared his views about teacher’s role in motivating the learners through his own personality, effective communication skills & positive thinking. The erudite speaker encouraged the audience to share their views and experiences thereby making his lecture a healthy interaction between him and them. Mr. Salaria’s session was very well-received by the teachers as it refreshed their knowledge about the basics of effective teaching and importance of communication skills.