Governing Council

Sikh Education Council, Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur

The college was founded with the sole motive of providing affordable and high quality education, professional expertise and above all, creative great individuals! Our governing council constantly struggles to maintain the highest standards of education and facilities to match some of the best globally. Here is a list of the respectable members of our governing body:

List of Working Committee:

Sr. No. Name
1 Sant Sadhu Singh
2 S. Surinder Singh Thekedar
3 S. Kulwinder Singh
4 Dr. Jang Bahadur Singh Rai
5 Sh. Inderjit Singh Bharta
6 Prof. Apinder Singh
7 S. Sohan Singh Lali
8 S. Jaswant Singh
9 S. Gurpreet Singh Bains
10 Dr. Kirpal Kaur
11 S. Ajit Singh Bains
12 S. Gurinder Singh
13 Dr. Parvinder Singh (Principal)

List of office Bearers of Managing Committee:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Sant Sadhu Singh President
2 S. Surinder Singh Thekedar Sr. Vice President
3 S. Kulwinder Singh Jr. Vice President
4 Dr. Jang Bahadur Singh Rai Manager
5 Sh. Inderjit Singh Bharta Asstt. Manager
6 Prof. Apinder Singh Gen. Secretary
7 Wing Commander Hardev Singh Dhillon Secretary
8 S. Gurdial Singh Asstt.Secretary
9 Sh. Varinder Kumar Treasurer
10 S. Sohan Singh Lali Asstt. Treasurer
11 Dr. Parvinder Singh Principal